Saltstraumen, Nordland, Norway

Fishing Norwegian Fjords

Map of Saltstraumen
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Saltstraumen, near Bodø, is said to be the world's strongest tidal current and is well known as a fantastic fishing location. The tides here run through a 150 meter wide channel at speeds of 20 knots, producing whirpools and turbulent eddies like you would find in a powerful river.

The churning waters are teeming with fish. The IGFA world's record Pollock (Sei) was caught from shore in Saltstraumen. It was a whopping 22.7 kg (50 lb) monster of a fish. I've caught a lot of Pollock over the years, and even the smaller ones can be surprising fighters, so I can hardly imagine what that bruiser must have been like to land.

Saltstraumen can be fished from a boat, or from the shore. In either case, use great caution in the area. If you want to fish from a boat, find a local knowledgeable guide to take you out. Boats can be upset in the turbulence of the whirlpools, and the whirlpools can pull a person below the surface.

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