Runde singpost
Signpost on trail
Litlevatnet, Runde
East side of Rune
East side

Hiking on the island of Runde

Cliffs at Runde
Northernmost cliffs

I have been to the island of Runde twice, once recently and once over twenty years ago. Located west of Ålesund, Runde is famous for its birds.

I can't say I've had amazing luck looking at the birds here -- the fault is all mine since others certainly have. Mainly poor timing, I believe. But, birds or no, I have greatly enjoyed hiking the island.

Runde offers exceptionally fine views of the Norwegian coast around Ålesund, as well as the island's cliffs, the mountains inland and the open water of the ocean.

There are quite a few trails on the island. A parking area on the northern side lies close to the starting point for the trails. They rise to the top of the island, over 200 meters. Note: much of Runde is a nature preserve, so watch for the posted restrictions regarding where you can walk!

In sunny weather, Runde is an excellent spot for a day hike like the one on which I took these pictures.

View south into Runde
View east from Runde
View east from top
Northern rocks, Runde
Northern rocks
Shore, Runde
View to bottom
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