Map: Norway's Top Sea Trout and Migratory Char Fishing Rivers

Based on catch statistics for 2018 from Statistics Norway, the map below shows the locations of the top 20 Sea Trout and Migratory Char rivers in Norway ranked by total catch in kg. Each river has an individual profile page, with multi-year fishing statistics, an interactive river map, and links for further information such as where to buy fishing licenses. You can even search for campsites, hotels, or other places of interest near the river!

1Altaelva (main string of Altavassdraget), Finnmark
2Nedre Målselv (part of Målselvvassdraget), Troms
3Tana incl. tributaries (Norwegian part), Finnmark
4Salangsvassdraget, Troms
5Reisavassdraget (Nordreiselva), Troms
6Laukhelle (Lakselvvassdraget), Troms
7Beiarvassdraget, Nordland
8Saltdalsvassdraget, Nordland
9Namsen (main string of Namsenvasdraget), Nord-Trøndelag
10Lærdalselva, Sogn og Fjordane
11Flostrandvassdraget, Nordland
12Stordalselva in Åfjord, Sør-Trøndelag
13Vågsbøelva (Nosvassdraget), Møre og Romsdal
14Gaula (main string of Gaulavassdraget), Sør-Trøndelag
15Grasmyrvassdraget, Troms
16Lakselva in Porsanger, Finnmark
17Halselva (Vassbotnelva), Finnmark
18Åelva (Åbjøra), Nordland
19Orkla, Sør-Trøndelag
20Aurlandselva, Sogn og Fjordane

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