Fishing Norway's Fjords: Tidal Currents

In reading a few good books on fishing in Norway (see below) I noticed all of them mentioned tidal currents as good spots to fish, and listed many of the same ones. I've done my best to locate them, and you can see them on the map and in the list below. The map shows the general location of each current, not an exact fishing spot. I located each tidal current by looking it up in one or more Norwegian atlases.

Such tidal currents are spots where narrow channels combine with tidal forces to produce strong currents, currents that can create particularly good fishing conditions.

The most well known of these is Saltstraumen, near Bodø, said to be the world's strongest tidal current.


Remember that caution is key in such areas, as the currents can pose a hazard to boats and fishermen. In many of these spots it would not be smart to rent a boat to try to fish there on your own -- a local guide familiar with fishing the area should be sought out. Even when fishing from the shore, consider wearing a life preserver.

If you fall in for example to Saltstraumen, you could well be done for, finito, caput -- don't expect anyone to jump in after you. Hasta la vista baby. Bon voyage. You get the idea... You want to catch the fishes, not swim with them.

1Straumen, Finnmark
2Sørstraumen, Finnmark
3Langfjordstraumen, Finnmark
4Straumfjord, Troms
5Rystraumen, Troms
6Straumen in Senja, Troms
7Rossfjordstraumen, Troms
8Straumen in Sørreisa, Troms
9Årsteinstraumen, Troms
10Kanstadstraumen, Nordland
11Gimsøystraumen, Nordland
12Nappstraumen, Nordland
13Røttangstraumen, Nordland
14Saltstraumen, Nordland
15Nesstraumen, Nordland
16Moskstraumen (The Maelstrom), Nordland
17Kollstraumen, Nordland
18Foldereidstraumen, Nord-Trøndelag
19Ottersøystraumen, Nord-Trøndelag
20Korsnesstraumen, Nord-Trøndelag
21Nordstraumen, Nord-Trøndelag
22Skarnsundet, Nord-Trøndelag
23Trongsundet, Nord-Trøndelag
24Vettastraumen, Sør-Trøndelag
25Storstraumen, Sør-Trøndelag
26Vevangstrømmen, Møre og Romsdal
27Rakvågstraumen, Møre og Romsdal
28Svelvikstrømmen, Vestfold

This is just a sampling of the tidal currents in Norway. A close look at any atlas of Norway will reveal numerous places named Straumen or Strømmen, or with one of those words embedded in the end of the place name. These are the Norwegian words for current. Any such location is worth a look as a potential fishing spot.

For Further Information

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