Red T marking a DNT trail
A red 'T' marking along a DNT hiking trail.

Hiking in Norway

Norway is a wonderland for hikers, for more than one reason:

Whether your interests involve day trips or longer treks, the choices are quite extensive and exciting.

Example Hikes

Here are some recent day trip hikes I took on an autumn trip to Norway:

These examples only scratch the surface of what you can do hiking in Norway.

The Norwegian Trekking Association

In planning a trip to Norway, any visitor interested in hiking should get familiar with The Norwegian Trekking Association (Den Norske Turistforening, or simply DNT).

Printed Trail Maps

For a visitor planning a hiking trip, a good map to take with you is essential. Printed maps, typically at 1:50000 scale, are available to show trail routes and detailed topography. Such maps can readily be bought in bookstores within Norway.

Two major publishers of such maps include Ugland IT (which publishes the DNT's trail route maps), and Statens Kartverk. Keep in mind that maps may show, and distinguish, marked and unmarked trails.

Maps of Norway at this scale seem hard to find outside of Norway. You may be able to find them for sale online, for example at If you can't get a suitable printed map before you arrive, you could plan using the online map resources below, and buy a printed map when you arrive.

Online Trail Maps

While you should always get a printed map to take with you on a hike, there are some online maps available that show hiking trails in enough detail to help you decide where you want to go:

Once you get to Norway, buy a good printed map of the area you intend to hike in.

Right of Access

Anyone planning to hike in Norway should understand their basic rights and responsibilities under the Norwegian Allemannsrett ("Right of access") law.

For the outdoor lover, this law is one of the best things about Norway. It applies to uncultivated land in the countryside, including private property, and gives everyone in Norway the right of access and passage through such land. But in return it applies to hikers certain responsibilities including leaving no trace of their passage.

Make sure to read it, so you know your responsibilities as you enjoy the fantastic hiking environment Norway provides.

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