Fishing Licenses

To fish in Norway's rivers or lakes requires purchasing the proper licenses. Here are a few things to know:

Online Resources

A number of Salmon and Sea Trout rivers have beats for which you can buy licenses on the Inatur website. This includes for example beats on the Målselv, Orkla, Driva, Namsen, and Gaula rivers. They also sell licenses for trout fishing and other types of fishing. To date Inatur is the best online resource I have found for purchasing Norwegian fishing licenses.

Our database of Norwegian Fishing Rivers has profile pages for several hundred rivers, and for many of these rivers we provide links to websites with license information. You can also search online in search engines for license information. Searching on the river name plus fiskekort (Norwegian for "fishing license") is a good start.

Useful Books
In addition to online resources, I've found information about fishing licenses in the following books as well:
Reporting your catch

When you buy a license for a particular area, you are required to report your catch to the owner. This is required by the state and allows the annual catch statistics to be produced. In my experience the license itself has had a spot to enter your catch information, and then you can drop it in a drop box provided by the landowner.


In addition to the right licenses, freshwater fishing in Norway requires disinfection of your gear to avoid bringing fish parasites to Norwegian waters. This disinfection is required even when moving from one waterway to another in Norway. Norway has been hit by a devastating fish parasite called Gyrodactylus Salaris, which has had a major impact on Salmon populations in certain Norwegian rivers.

Treatment of affected rivers can be even more devastating than the parasite itself in the short term — a substance commonly used for its treatment, Rotenone, can kill every fish in a river system. The sight of a flood of dead Salmon flowing down a cherished river can bring a Norwegian to tears, both from the sight itself and from the prospect of many years of anxious waiting for the river to recover. It takes a long time for Salmon to be successfully reintroduced and a sustained, healthy population established again.

Disinfection is not so burdensome for a fisherman, because the necessary disinfection gear is available at the same locations where you purchase a license to fish in specific waters. This involves a liquid sprayed on rods, reels, line, or other gear that have been fished with in other waterways. You wait for this liquid to dry, then you are ready to fish. A fee beyond the license's cost may apply to have your gear disinfected, but it is not a major cost.

While Salmon are seriously affected by this parasite, Sea Trout are not harmed by it. The reduction of Salmon populations in some of these rivers has resulted in a boom in Sea Trout populations in some rivers.

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