Pier on the fjord Malangen
Pier on the fjord Malangen
Sea Trout (Sjøørret), caught from the shore in Tafjord
Sea Trout (Sjøørret), caught in Tafjord

Fishing in Norway

Fishing is my favorite outdoor activity when in Norway. Norway is truly a fisherman's paradise, with exceptional fishing opportunities from the sea to the mountains:

It's common for all of these opportunities to exist in the area of a single river system, frequently within a 5 to 10 mile radius. A motivated angler could pursue saltwater fish in the fjord one day, salmon or sea trout in the lower part of the river the next day, and trout in the river's upper reaches or tributaries on a third day.

What's more, in the summer months north of the Arctic circle, the Midnight Sun enables one to fish in sunlight even in the night hours. I've spent many hours happily fishing while the rest of the family was asleep, a good point to note if you're travelling with people who don't fish.

Fishing Licenses in Norway

Norwegian fishing licenses are not required to fish in the fjords in Norway. But if you fish in a river or lake, you will need to know about requirements regarding both licenses and disinfection of fishing tackle.

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